How do i edit my file?

Editing your PSD file yourself:

You can edit this file yourself on Mac or PC & print as many as you need.

✳ Open the file in  Photoshop ( you can download a FREE 30 day trial version of Photoshop here).

✳ Then simply replace the sample text & image with your own.

Full instructions on how to edit the Photoshop file:

How do i print my file?

For printing at home or online, or in a physical copy shop.

We recommend printing online with vistaprint.

✳ Full instructions on how to upload your file to vistaprint provided VIDEO

Can you customize my file for me?

Have us customize for you:

First add the product you wish to Customize to your cart.

✳ Then go to our Customization page.

✳ Enter your Customization information, for example:

Wording – Your names / Your wedding date / Your wedding reception details / Your wedding website if you have one.

✳ Check the information you have entered is correct & tick that box!

✳ Press “Submit” to send us this info.

✳ Finally Press the “Add to cart” button to apply the $15 customization fee. (Note: if you do not press this button you will simply be sent a Photoshop file for you to edit yourself). Customization information that is received without the $15 purchase fee will not be done.

✳ Complete the file purchase process.

✳ A proof will be emailed to you within 72 hours. We do allow 1 revision so you can make sure the card is perfect for you. Please double check your proofs!

✳ Your final file will be emailed to you as a jpg AND as a PDF. Save or upload your file to print anywhere you’d like!

NOTE: For customization add additional $15!


If i sell with you, can i also sell the same file on other sites?

Absolutely yes, no problem, & do so with our sincerest best wishes.

We support you all the way. Your creations are great, that why we are proud to show them here.

✳ In return we would be really pleased if you could link back to your portfolio on this site as often and as joyously as possible as you dance across you social platforms.

Give us all a boost powered by great design!


How do i submit my designs for consideration?

1) First email us some examples of your work

These can be links to your work online or image attachments to the email… whatever works. Everyone get a reply! 

2) If we select your work to be sold from this site:

✳ We will email you our design templates (otherwise knows as the “Collection Builder”). Place your designs into these templates & email it back with a list of links to the FREE fonts you have used.

✳ See here for Terms & Conditions.

Whats the $$ breakdown?

Unlike etsy there is no cost to you per listing.

When your item sells the break down is a straight forward 50 /50.

So for example one of your Save the Date cards sells for $15 you get $7.50. 

✳ Additionally for each file where customization is added you get an additional $1. (for doing nothing! you dont have to customize your files, we do it all!).

All Customization if done in house by Invites by Web. The majority of the fee for customization is therefore Invites by Web’s.

 So: No listing Fee for your designs

 50% of the sale price 

 AND a $1 kick back for you each time we customize one of your files…… A sweet & easy way to sell and get noticed.

From each sale Invites by Web donates 10 c of our profit (not yours)